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care manager

Registered Care Manager

Registered Care Manager

As a Registered Care Manager, you will be supporting your team to provider person-centred high-quality care in either in a care home or in the local community. Your team will support older people, people with learning or physical disabilities or people with mental health problems. You’ll focus on promoting independence, wellbeing and helping people have control over their lives, including maintaining their relationships with family and friends. You may also support adults who have substance abuse problems, have offended, are living with HIV or AIDS, or are involved with the criminal justice syste

What is unique about this role?

You’ll manage a team of care workers and/or a care service to ensure your organisation and everyone in it provides high quality care and support. You will oversee the day to day running of a care service, lead and manage staff so they can perform their roles safely and to the best of their ability. Manage budgets and contracts, make strategic decisions about the future and growth of your care service. You will also lead on specific projects or clinical areas, for example setting up a new care service

Career Pathway

There is a wide range of development and training opportunities available to help you progress your career. The core qualification for social care managers is the Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management for Adult Care. You can only do this qualification when you’re working in a management role. Roles in management range from first line managers such as service managers or residential unit managers, middle managers such as assistant director or department head, and senior managers such as service director or chief executive.